CHINA 2022
The annual international competition for high school students in the areas of Economics, Business and Finance. Our aims are to discover, encourage and give recognition to talented young people, maintain the high standard of international Olympiads and encourage friendly international relations.
26 July – 1 August 2022
The IEO 2022 was hosted by SKT Education Group and Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University in China.
The Olympiad was held online. Read more details in Statement.
Online simulation game in creating personal financial plans
Presentation of case solutions in English before the Jury
Open and multiple choice questions on theory and practice
How to prepare for the competition? Syllabus, tasks of previous years and useful webinars from the IEO experts.
• Application submission deadline is 31 May 2022. Please read the Annual Regulations, Statute and Application Guideline for more details.
• Deadline for submitting the information about the team members is 30 June 2022.
• If your country or territory is on the list of participating countries and territories, you should contact your National or Regional competition representatives.
• If your country or territory is not in the list, you can join once an official organization from your country or territory has gained the right to participate in the IEO.
Host organization: Virtus Excellence Training Centre
National Competition: Selection Tests for the International Economics Olympiad
Coordination: Valentin Cela
Host organization: British International School of Armenia
National Competition: Economics Olympiad Armenia
Coordination: Shavarsh Zohrabyan
Host organization: BdEO - Bangladesh Economics Olympiad
Competition: BdEO - Bangladesh Economics Olympiad
Coordination: Rafid Abrar
Host organization: Belorussian State University
Competition: School League of the Open BSU Olympiad in World Economics
Coordination: Ekaterina Staliarova
Host organization: Instituto Vertere
Competition: The Brazilian Economics Olympiad (Olimpíada Brasileira de Economia – OBECON)
Coordination: Germano Tietbohl-Marinelli
Host organization: Singapore Cambodia International Academy (SCIA)
Competition: National Economics Olympiad Competition (Cambodia)
Coordination: Viktor Ni
Host organization: Canadian Economics Olympiad - L’Olympiade de L’Économie du Canada (CEO-OEC)
Competition: Canadian Economics Olympiad - L’Olympiade de L’Économie du Canada (CEO-OEC)
Coordination: Yuri Khoroshilov
Host organization: International Teenager Competition and Communication Center (ITCCC)
Competition: IEO China
Coordination: Yuqin Jiang
China SKT
Host organization: SKT Education & Beyond
Competition: National Economcis Challenge
Coordination: Jiajia Dong
Host organization: Olimpiadas Colombianas de Matemáticas, Física, Ciencias, Computación, Astronomía, Biologëa y Lingüística
Competition: Olimpiada Colombiana de Economía
Coordination: Maria Elizabeth Lousada
Host organization: Fundación Olimpiadas Ecuatorianas de Ciencias
Competition: Olimpiada Nacional de Economía, Finanzas y Negocios
Coordination: Fernando Alberto Álvarez
Host organization: All Sciences Olympiad Foundation
Competition: Ghana Economics Olympiad
Coordination: Bernard Annan
  • Greece
    Host organization: University of Thessaly
    Competition: Panhellenic (National) Competition on Economics for High School Students of the Three Final Grades
    Coordination: Loukas Zacheilas
  • Hong Kong (China)
    Host organization: Gifted Education Council
    Competition: Hong Kong Economics Olympiad
    Coordination: Philip Kwan
  • India
    Host organization: Meccademia Education Institute
    Competition: IEO - Qualifiers for India
    Coordination: Sachin G Saini
  • Indonesia
    Host organization: Center for National Achievement (Pusat Prestasi Nasional),
    The Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and
    Technology, Republic of Indonesia
    Competition: Kompetisi Sains Nasional (National Sciences Competition)
    Coordination: Dwi Wulandari
  • Iran
    Host organization: Math Home of Tehran
    Competition: IEO Selective Exam
    Coordination: Mostafa Noori
  • Kazakhstan
    Host organization: AIFC BCPD
    Competition: National Finance & Economics Olympiad
    Coordination: Alisher Akhmetov
  • Kyrgyzstan
    Host organization: International Association of Economic Operators
    Competition: Kyrgyzstan Economics Olympiad
    Coordination: Temirbek Azhykulov
  • Lithuania
    Host organization: Lithuanian centre of non-formal youth education
    Competition: Lietuvos mokinių Ekonomikos ir Verslo olimpiada
    Coordination: Milda Stachnevičiūtė
  • Macau (China)
    Host organization: Knights Education Consultant Limited
    Competition: Macau IEO Selection
    Coordination: Wong Ping, Benny
  • Malaysia
    Host organization: Ardent Educational Consultants Sdn. Bhd.
    Competition: Malaysian Economics Olympiad
    Coordination: Hamidi Bin A Razak
  • Mexico
    Host organization: Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM)
    Competition: Mexican Olympiad in Economics and Finance
    Coordination: Christina Cornejo
  • Mongolia
    Host organization: Mongolia Economics Olympiad
    Competition: Mongolia Economics Olympiad
    Coordination: Carlos Crawford
  • Montenegro
    Host organization: The Centre for Vocational Education
    Competition: Montenegrin National Competition of Economics
    Coordination: Sandra Brkanovic
  • Myanmar
    Host organization: BFI Education Services Co., Ltd.
    Competition: Team Selection for IEO
    Coordination: Aziz Hidiraliev
  • Nepal
    Host organization: Nepal Economics Olympiad
    Competition: Nepal Economics Olympiad
    Coordination: Arjun Sapkota
  • Nigeria
    Host organization: International Academy for the Gifted (IAGIFTED)
    Competition: National Economics Olympiad (NEO)
    Coordination: Adewale Solarin
  • North Macedonia
    Host organization: Union of Mathematicians of Macedonia
    Competition: Selection for the IEO national team
    Coordination: Aneta Gasovska Barandovska
  • Romania
    Host organization: Organization for Applied Development in the Contemporary Society
    Competition: Romanian International Economics Olympiad
    Coordination: Alexandra Dache
  • Russia
    Host organization: Center for Teacher Excellence
    Competition: All-Russian Olympiad of School Students in Economics
    Coordination: Ekaterina Vetrova
  • Slovenia
    Host organization: The Society of Mathematicians, Physisists, and Astronomers
    of Slovenia
    Competition: High-school Competition in Economics
    Coordination: Prof. Tomaž Košir
  • South Korea
    Host organization: Hankuk Academy of Foreign Studies
    Competition: Korea Economics Olympiad
    Coordination: Soyeun Yoo
  • Sri Lanka
    Host organization: Institute for Science, Engineering and Technology (Pvt) Ltd (IFSET)
    Competition: Sri Lankan Economics Olympiad
    Coordination: Shenal Kotuwewatta
  • Switzerland
    Host organisation: Young Enterprise Switzerland
    Competition: Swiss Economics Olympiad
    Coordination: Marco Abbatecola (Delina Maliqi)
  • Chinese Taipei
    Host organisation: Taiwanese Association for Simulation Education (SimEd Taiwan)
    Competition: Taiwanese Economics Olympiad
    Coordination: Joseph Tsai
  • Thailand
    Host organisation: Omega Prep
    Competition: Thailand Economics Olympiad
    Coordination: Nathan Edgerton
  • Turkey
    Host organization: Project Arkhé
    Competition: Turkey Economics Olympiad
    Coordination: Erkin Erguney
  • USA
    Host organization: Council for Economic Education
    Competition: National Economics Challenge
    Coordination: Rosanna Castillo
  • Uzbekistan
    Host organization: Ministry of Public Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan
    Competition: Republican Olympiad in Financial Literacy
    Coordination: Umid Rahmonov
  • Vietnam
    Host organization: The Vietnam National Institute of Educational Sciences
    Competition: Vietnam Economics Olympiad
    Coordination: Thanh Tam.Nguyen
Tuesday, July 26
12:00 PM Opening Ceremony
2:30 PM Guest Lecture
4:00 PM Ice-breaking games / IB meeting
 Wednesday, July 27
10:30 AM Guest Lecture
11:30 AM Economics Briefing
12:00 PM Economics Test
Thursday, July 28
10:00 AM Guest Lecture
11:30 AM Financial Game Briefing
12:00 PM Financial Game
2:30 PM Panel Talk
4:00 PM Cultural Evening
11:59 PM Business Case Revealed
Friday, July 29
11:30 AM Guest Lecture
1:00 PM Observers Meeting
2:00 PM TL & IB Meeting
11:59 PM Business Case Submission
Saturday, July 30
9:00 AM Guest Lecture
10:00 PM Business Case Presentations
1:30 PM Business Case Finals
5:30 PM Quiz
Sunday, July 31
10:00 AM Moderation
1:30 PM Guest Lecture
2:00 PM Guest Lecture
3:30 PM Panel Discussion
5:00 PM IB Meeting
Monday, August 1
10:00 AM IEOx Presentation
12:00 PM Closing Ceremony
2:30 PM After Party
IEO Central Office
IEO 2022 Shenzhen Office
SKT Education Group, 3101, Block A Zhongguan Shidai Square,4168 Liuxian Avenue, Pingshan Community, Taoyuan Subdistrict, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China